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The elephant symbol is predominantly related to strength, honor, determination and perseverance, among other qualities. Elephants are considered symbols of good luck in many cultures. Elephant; In ancient China, it is considered a symbol of power, wisdom, fertility and endurance. A pair of elephants is used for protection. According to the Hindu way of thinking, elephant; It finds its form in Ganesha, who represents luck, wealth and protection and blesses all new projects.

We gain even more symbolic meaning by observing elephants in nature. Elephants are also considered a symbol of responsibility, as they take great care of their young ones as well as the elderly and act responsibly towards them. Elephants are very sensitive and there is a strong social bond between them. When they die, they go to a certain place. In this way, they fulfill their personal responsibilities even as their days are coming to an end.

The elephant is also very determined and loyal. He always protects the rights of others and defends other members of his group in his natural environment.

You can strengthen your determined stance by using elephant objects in your home and workplace. In fact, it is believed that consulting an elephant gives great energy and helps you maintain your calm when you are going through a difficult period.

No matter what path you take, you will undoubtedly encounter many obstacles. The systematic and determined energy of the elephant can strengthen you against these obstacles in your path. The elephant’s energy can also help you stay calm when things get difficult. The elephant is quite good-natured and does not get angry easily, unless you are messing with its cubs or its herd. The solid, reliable and stable elephant energy is said to be a great help to irritable people who need a calming force when things go wrong.

Height Cup 7cm - Coaster 12 cm
Diameter Cup 6cm - Coaster 12 cm
Weight 179g
Color White
Material Porcelain
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