Haniel is also known as “Aniel, Hanael or Hanniel”. Haniel means “favor of God “. Mysteriously, a great admiration was shown to Archangel Haniel since the period Babylon which connected astronomy to religion. It is mentioned that Haniel is associated with planet Venus.

When you want to add grace or its effects (peace, tranquility, pleasure, beauty, harmony) to your life, you can ask for help from this angel. In addition, it is mentioned that Haniel is an excellent helper before any occasion which you want to equip yourself with virtue; before an important presentation, job interview or before the first date.

According to the sources, Archangel Haniel also helps in improving the energy of femininity, patience and tolerance and in balancing your life.

It is believed that Haniel is the archangel of the moon, especially the full moon. The bluish white color halo of Haniel which is portrayed throughout history, reminds of moon.

When there is a matter which is desired to be improved or released, it is mentioned that calling Haniel’s help in the full moon is very effective. Haniel is believed to be particularly helpful in emotional and physical health issues.

As an expression of instinct, it is said that Archangel Haniel is a guide in supporting those who want to develop their spiritual abilities such as tolerance. It is mentioned that Haniel helps us in becoming aware of out inner guidance and in trusting this guidance.

Archangel Haniel has also been the subject of numerous books that have helped us in accessing the rich source of wisdom which we carry within us.

“Dear Archangel Haniel, I thank you for accepting and appreciating myself, others and my life with the permission of God “