Pegasus (Winged Horse) is a very powerful symbol in Greek mythology. It is believed that it sprang to life from the blood of Medusa and protected the divine places. In modern times, Pegasus is symbolized as the protector and transporter of the spirits during the immortality and journey of the spirit to the astral world. It is mentioned that Pegasus is the power of creative spirit which exists in us. It is believed that Pegasus particularly helps in meeting the challenges.

Pegasus is the horse for source of inspiration and especially serves to the artists, authors and poets. Pegasus is the inspiration and beauty which we bring to our lives and others’ lives. It is mentioned that Pegasus calls you for being productive in music, poem, writing and art and invites you to share your ideas related with beauty. At the same time, Pegasus symbolizes the modesty.
As a matter of fact, the themes of power, speed and variability and the symbolic meaning of the horse are excellent on its own. The horse symbolizes the power, major ideas and determination. The winged horse is the symbol of peak, reaching to the highest points and the achievement. In this respect, Pegasus represents both the intelligences and body. It may stand in its place in very powerful position by the fixation of the body while flying and rising to the sky through the power of the wings Pegasus symbolizes how an excellent mental concentration supported by mind clarity and constant position, can change our lives in an excellent form.
KISMETCE products bearing the symbol of Pegasus, have been designed for helping you to have the vision of rising by relaxing from all your burdens and to remind you of your powerful attitude and success.