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Jophiel is also known as “Iofiel, Iophiel, Zaphiel or Zophiel”. The name of Jophiel means “the beauty of God” and it is believed that this archangel makes your life beautiful. It is believed that Archangel Jophiel, known as the guardian of the artists in history helps in seeing and maintaining the beauties in life. It is recommended to call this angel for helping before you begin any artistic project.

Jophiel is known as the angel of “Feng Shui”, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It has also been scientifically proven how a regular environment affects our energy levels, our mood, our sleep patterns, and even our health. This has made Archangel Jophiel even more important. It is believed that Jophiel helps in increasing the positive energy of your office and your house and even helps in removing the complexity from your life in general. Archangel Jophiel reminded us of the joy of beauty and the results helps in living more happily.

It is believed that Jophiel, known as the angel of beauty, brings beauty to all aspects of your life, including the following:

Thoughts: It is believed that it helps you in getting a better perspective on your life, relationships and conditions,

Feelings: It fills your heart with warm feelings like gratitude and joy,

House and workplace: It helps you in creating a high energetic environment that helps to decrease complexity, to work and relax, and

Self-esteem: It helps in guiding all aspects of self-care, including self-beauty.

Archangel Jophiel helps you in quickly pass from negative mentality to positive mentality and this became the subject of numerous sources. It is mentioned that he is an excellent helper in correcting misunderstandings between you and others. Jophiel is believed to bring beauty to every aspects of your life, including helping with hair, makeup and clothes.

“Dear Archangel Jophiel, thank you for your help in making my thoughts and life beautiful with the permission of God.”


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