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This chic duo glass cup set, meticulously crafted with the powerful rune symbol using the gold sandblasting technique, is designed with precision to enrich your coffee ritual in a unique manner. Get ready to enhance your coffee with a truly special touch, resonating with the frequency of the elegant rune symbol adorning these exquisite glass cups.

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The rune Berkano is a symbol of transformation that embodies grace, beauty, and the divine feminine. It represents the power of revival, rejuvenation, and the cycles of life. Berkano is associated with youthfulness, fertility, rebirth, purity, and the maturing process. It symbolizes abundance, productivity, motherhood, and the nurturing aspects of life. This rune also offers protection, aids in recovery, and signifies new beginnings. Berkano is deeply connected to creativity and inspiration, serving as a catalyst for artistic expression and the manifestation of new ideas. It draws upon the nourishing qualities of life, encouraging us to embrace growth and healing. The birch tree, which is symbolized by Berkano, is revered as a sacred tree in various cultures due to its association with renewal and rebirth. Like the birch tree, this rune reminds us to embrace opportunities and leave the past behind. It acts as a protective force, warding off negative influences and clearing the path. Berkano also supports the establishment of loving relationships and creates a space for personal and emotional development.

Height 8cm
Diameter 5cm
Weight 214g
Color Transparent
Material Glass
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