Embracing the Essence of Cosmic Geometry and Symbols, Kısmetce Emerges as a Brand Dedicated to Weaving Positive Threads into the Fabric of Your Life. With Deep Reverence for Sacred Symbols that Unveil the Mysteries of the Universe, Kısmetce Transforms Every Object into a Masterpiece of Unique Beauty and Significance.

Rune Collection

The rune symbols hold immense power and have been used across various cultures throughout history. These ancient symbols, found in the oldest works of art known to humanity, operate at a high frequency, deeply enriching life.

Angel Collection

Angels bring a sense of peace, protection, support, and positivity into our lives. Their mystical nature, symbolism of guidance and support, allows them to be a comforting and reassuring presence in times of need.

Sacred Geometry Collection

The Sacred Geometry Symbols Collection by Kismetce reflects the special power of sacred geometry symbols and powerful feng shui symbols, including the Key, Feather, Flower of Life, Fleur de Lis, Nautilus, Lotus, Phoenix, and the number 7. 

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