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Elevate the energy of your space with the captivating presence of our exquisitely handcrafted Crystal Glass Candle Holder, intricately prepared with meticulous craftsmanship and delicately embellished with a powerful rune symbol by our skilled artisans.

This candle holder is gracefully complemented by a 100% Natural, Jumbo XL Tealight Candle. Surrender yourself to the mesmerizing glow of this remarkable light, lasting for a luxurious 10 hours.

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The rune Mannaz symbolizes the self, human essence, self-awareness, mind and memory, intelligence, mental and emotional potential, relationships, partnerships, marriage, collaboration, unity, acceptance, support, solidarity, mercy, modesty, devotion, empathy, and understanding. It represents the human intellect and rational mind, making it particularly beneficial for academic studies. Mannaz also encourages the establishment of strong connections and the development of healthy relationships based on mutual support.

Height 8cm
Diameter 8,5cm
Weight 440g
Color Red
Material Glass
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