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Our collection of glass paperweights, meticulously crafted by our master artisans with a powerful rune symbol, encapsulates eternity within a unique and enchanting object.

This remarkable paperweight elegantly embodies the essence of rune symbols, infusing prestige and positive energy into your desk as a captivating interior accent.

With its comforting weight and reassuring presence, this piece is elegantly showcased in our exclusive Kısmetce packaging, making it a truly captivating gift to delve into the positive power of rune symbols.

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The rune Othala symbolizes protection, trust, the concept of home, property, homeland, and a sense of belonging. It represents roots, inheritance, ancestry, family ties, family values, and the lifting of family karma. Othala is believed to contain the potential power of all other runes, with its main energy being ancestral spiritual power that connects us to our genetic wisdom and the unconscious. This rune is associated with time, bridging the past to the future, and linking our ancestors to future generations. It is highly effective in reinforcing unity, strengthening family bonds, establishing deep connections between family members, creating a sense of safety, fostering loyalty and fidelity, and enhancing the feeling of home. Othala also has the power to increase peace and financial prosperity.

Height 5cm
Diameter 9cm
Weight 564g
Color Transparent
Material Crystal Glass
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