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Adorned with magnificent angel wings, this handmade silver tray boasts a quality and timeless design that perfectly complements elegant coffee presentations. Its durable silver material ensures long-lasting usage and maintains its shine. It allows you to impressively host your guests at home or special events. It is a wonderful choice to elevate your coffee enjoyment to a unique level.

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Each product is packaged by our expert team and delivered in KISMETCE's special red box tied with a red ribbon.

Embark on a journey into the realm of celestial beauty, where each piece adorned with angel wings becomes a reflection of boundless love, divine protection, and the very essence of grace. Intricately crafted with utmost precision, these creations serve as a poignant symbol of an everlasting bond with angelic guidance and the embracing warmth of divine love.

As the angelic wings gently enfold you, they bestow a sense of security and tranquility, acting as a poignant reminder of the protective aura that envelops us, and the pure love that defines our being.

May the ethereal beauty of angel wings accompany you on your path, guiding you with their gentle touch and filling your heart with serenity and joy.

Height 25cm
Width 17cm
Weight 450g
Color Silver
Material Silver
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