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Step into the enchanting world of our mesmerizing Rune Collection, and behold the magnificence of our exquisite Glass Vase and Candle Holder. Every detail of this meticulously crafted piece, embellished with the powerful rune symbol delicately placed by our master artisans, evokes a sense of grandeur and positivity in any setting it graces. Versatile in function as both a vase and a candle holder, this exceptional creation is not just a gift but a statement of elegance and positivity that will captivate and inspire.

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The rune Laguz holds profound meaning and symbolism, representing a connection with water, intuition, the flow of life, emotions, the subconscious mind, creativity, imagination, emotional healing, and purification. It embodies the invisible yet powerful creative and productive forces of nature. Laguz works in harmony with the moon, symbolizing the potential for new beginnings, re-evaluation, organization, transformation, love, and ideal marriage. It encourages us to embrace the natural flow of life, trust our instincts, and find joy in every moment. This symbol is powerful for wishes and rituals.

Height 16cm
Diamater Top:12cm Lower:8cm
Weight 818g
Color Transparent
Material Crystal Glass
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