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Meticulously crafted with handiwork and adorned with a powerful rune symbol by our skilled artisans, our crystal glass candle envelops the space with a positive and mystical energy, creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere. This extraordinary masterpiece contains 100% natural organic soy wax, emitting a soft and captivating scent that surrounds the surroundings. Not only does this magnificent candle appeal to the eyes, but it also enhances the atmosphere of the space with its symbolic presence carrying positive energy and pleasant aroma, making it a perfect gift.

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The rune Uruz, symbolizing the bull, represents the life force and primal power within us. It serves to uncover and harness our inner strength, promoting physical well-being, resilience, stability, persistence, willpower, courage, vitality, rejuvenation, and grounding energy. Uruz is deeply connected to the earth element and Mother Earth, embodying the process of creation and manifestation. It is highly effective in safeguarding personal and home spaces, fostering independence, and nurturing freedom. With its potent healing energy, Uruz provides a boost of energy and vitality, fortifying physical and mental health, enhancing self-esteem, and empowering individuals to overcome obstacles. It supports and nourishes during times of transformation and growth, marking the beginning of a new life. Uruz also symbolizes balance and harmony, aiding in the quest for a balanced life.

Diameter Large: 14cm - 12cm | Small: 12cm - 11cm 
Weight Large: 2480g | Small: 1675g
Height Large: 14cm | Small: 12cm
Material Glass
Burning Time Large: 100 hours | Small: 60 hours
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