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Indulge yourself in pleasure and elegance with our elegant porcelain coffee cup. Handcrafted with the gold sandblasting technique, this cup features the handcrafted Fleur de Lis symbol, designed to add nobility and grace to your coffee ritual. Savor the prestige and perfection in every sip with this unique piece.

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Fleur de Lis (Lily Flower) symbolizes elegance, nobility and nobility, as a symbol full of history and elegance. It exudes an air of beauty and sophistication with its intricate design that resembles a stylized lily or iris flower. The Lilium Flower is often associated with nobility, power and prestige, representing the qualities of purity, perfection and divine light.

This iconic symbol has been used for centuries to symbolize honour, loyalty and chivalry. It conveys a sense of tradition and heritage, evoking a sense of timeless charm and grandeur. Lilyen Flower is a symbol of strength and endurance, symbolizing the ability to overcome difficulties and embrace inner strength.

With its captivating appeal and profound symbolism, the Lily Flower captivates hearts and minds while evoking an enduring legacy of elegance and sophistication.

Height 11,5 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Weight 322g
Color White
Material Porcelain
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