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Pegasus (Winged Horse) is a very powerful symbol in Greek Mythology. It is believed that he was born from the blood of Medusa and protects sacred places. In modern times, Pegasus is symbolized as the carrier and protector of souls during their immortality and journey to the astral world. It is said that Pegasus is the power of the creative spirit within us. It is believed that Pegasus especially helps to overcome difficulties.

Pegasus is the horse of the muses and serves especially artists, writers, poets. Pegasus is the inspiration and beauty we bring to our own lives and the lives of others. It is said that Pegasus calls you to be productive in music, poetry, writing and art and invites you to share your thoughts about beauty. Pegasus also symbolizes humility.

The symbolic meaning of the horse, with its themes of power, speed and variability, is already excellent in itself. The horse represents strength, great ideals and determination. The winged horse is the symbol of the summit, reaching the highest points and success. In this respect, Pegasus represents both mind and body. While he flies and rises into the sky with the power of his wings, he can also stand in place very strongly by stabilizing his body. Pegasus symbolizes clarity of mind and how perfect mental focus supported by a steady posture can change our lives in a magnificent way.

Special KISMETCE products bearing the Pegasus symbol have been prepared with the intention of helping you visualize yourself rising by being relieved of all the burdens you carry, and reminding you of your strong stance and success.

Height 11,5 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Weight 322g
Color White
Material Porcelain
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