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The Flower of Life holds profound spiritual and metaphysical significance as a sacred geometric symbol. Its captivating design, characterized by interlacing circles and intricate geometric patterns, embodies concepts of harmony, equilibrium, and oneness. The meticulous arrangement of the circles symbolizes a perfect and balanced cosmic order.

This symbol is commonly interpreted as a representation of creation, believed to encapsulate the essential blueprints of existence. It is seen as a reflection of the universal template and the origin of all life forms, symbolizing the interconnectedness of every living entity.

The Flower of Life is linked to processes of healing and transformation, operating on both physical and spiritual planes. It is thought to emit positive energies that nurture spiritual development and illuminate pathways to enlightenment.

Moreover, the Flower of Life symbol is revered as a potent instrument for attracting abundance. By fostering a harmonious flow of energy, enhancing intentions, establishing connections with universal energies, promoting spiritual evolution, and radiating positive vibrations, it facilitates the manifestation of prosperity in one’s life.

Diameter 10cm
Weight 222g
Color Black - White
Material Marble
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