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Enhance your coffee experience with this exquisite glass cup set featuring the delicately crafted gold “Nautilus” symbol. Designed to add value to your coffee enjoyment, this duo glass cup set aims to create moments of joy and elegance while enchanting your guests with its beauty.

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Shells have been considered symbols of good luck and abundance in the Far East for centuries. They are believed to attract and preserve prosperity and abundance, increase clarity, and promote solidarity and wisdom in decision-making.

From a symbolic perspective, the Nautilus shell is thought to be related to growth and evolution. Growth is inevitable. If we stay in the same room and don’t move forward, we get stuck because we become too big for that space. For the same reason, when the creature inside the Nautilus shell grows and moves into a new chamber, it can never go back again because it has grown too much. Throughout his life, he must continue to move to greater areas and leave the past behind. We can also use this analogy for business. To grow, we have to step out of our comfort zone. When we invest in ourselves and our business, we grow and change. And the old ways no longer suit us. The surprising thing that emerges at this point is that a new shell forms around us and protects us. Our new self-confidence and skills will protect us. Therefore, when faced with a business challenge, it is advisable to consider Nautilus. By remembering the chambers that the living creature passes through throughout its life, it is emphasized that the problem encountered is just another chamber in life. Those who have the courage to move into the next room and give themselves room to grow always succeed.

Sacred Geometry of the Nautilus Shell

Nautilus is a living fossil that has survived in the world’s oceans for the last 500 million years.

The ancient Nautilus shell is considered a metaphor for spiritual development. When awakening begins, the only direction to go is forward, up and out. The nautilus shell resembles the shell of the spiral-shaped garden snail. It has a beautiful texture covered with mother-of-pearl. Its shell has about thirty chambers, each proportionally larger than the previous one. The creature inside the shell lives in one of the chambers until it becomes too large to fit in. When the shell grows, the living creature moves into the larger chamber on the side and seals the remaining chamber. Nothing is wasted in nature. The empty chambers are used as balancers to stay on the surface, just like the balance mechanism that keeps ships on the surface of the water.

The expansion of the chambers behind each other applies the spiral principle known in mathematics as the “Golden Ratio”. The Golden Ratio, represented by the letter Fi in the Greek alphabet, is one of the proportional numbers that form the basic structure of the universe. The continuous curves of the spirals show the femininity in nature, and the mathematical proportions between the chambers show the divine connection between harmony in nature and sacred geometry.

The Nautilus snail, like its shell, is a perfect spiral and reflects the grand order of the universe. The Nautilus shell represents one of the finest natural examples of the logarithmic spiral. ‘Spira mirabilis’ is the Latin name for this type of spiral and means “miraculous spiral”. This spiral is similar to distant galaxies and hurricane spirals. Sacred Geometry is an ancient science and is based on geometric patterns found in nature. Sacred Geometry is the foundation of the universe and is found in everything from our smallest DNA to the Cosmic Galaxies we inhabit. The Nautilus shell spiral is said to be the Golden ratio spiral, one of the mysterious natural numbers arising from the fundamental structure of the cosmos and the symbol of the unfolding of the mysteries of life. The Golden Ratio is seen in the architecture of ancient buildings and is used to connect with the higher energy of the Spirit Realm through prayer.

The Nautilus totem teaches us to perceive sacred geometry present in nature in various forms and to instinctively integrate with it. It teaches how to understand whether spaces are energetically alive or empty and how to revitalize dead spaces. The Nautilus spiral represents the increase of awareness and evolution of consciousness.

Meditating with Nautilus Spirals

If you are lucky enough to have a cross-section of a Nautilus shell, hold it in your hand. If you do not have an actual shell, a picture showing a cross-section of the shell is acceptable instead. Quiet your thoughts and focus for a moment only on the starting point of the spiral, located deep within the shell. With your eyes open, follow the spiral as it rises in a circle, like a staircase leading to larger and larger rooms.

Close your eyes and visualize the center point again. Imagine yourself at the beginning of the spiral, very small. While following the spiral that turns and rises like a staircase; Imagine climbing these steps, spiraling in circles, higher and higher, moving up and out between chambers, each a larger replica of the previous chamber. Move slowly and allow yourself to experience the spiral’s turns and how it gets wider and wider with each turn. Look down the spiral with your mind’s eye and see how far you’ve come.

Height 5 cm
Diameter 8 cm
Weight 214g
Color Transparent
Material Glass
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