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The discovery of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has imbued water with profound significance. According to Emoto, the crystal structure of water can be altered through interaction with human emotions and thoughts, facilitated by symbols. Our water glasses, adorned with meticulously handcrafted symbols in alignment with this concept, transcend their role as mere vessels to become artworks that engage with your soul. As you hold our water glass, you do not merely grasp an object but take a step towards the life-giving essence of water and the miraculous realm of symbols.

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The patterns of the Flower of Life are the origin of the sacred proportions that make up everything in the universe. It is associated with sacred geometry. It has been used in all Abrahamic religions. Sacred geometry is believed to help us reach the truth of ourselves and the universe.

It is believed that the “Flower of Life” provides protection from negative energies, increases the energy of wealth and abundance, increases the joy of life, increases the energy of love and affection, enables encountering new opportunities and possibilities, enables negative energy to turn into positive, and increases the energy of health and youth.

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