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Our collection of glass paperweights, meticulously crafted by our master artisans with a powerful rune symbol, encapsulates eternity within a unique and enchanting object.

This remarkable paperweight elegantly embodies the essence of rune symbols, infusing prestige and positive energy into your desk as a captivating interior accent.

With its comforting weight and reassuring presence, this piece is elegantly showcased in our exclusive Kısmetce packaging, making it a truly captivating gift to delve into the positive power of rune symbols.

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The rune Jera is a powerful symbol that represents the natural cycles of life, the flow of time, and the concept of cause and effect. It embodies the idea of change, transformation, and the realization of dreams. Jera is associated with the harvest, the law of karma, justice, and the attainment of fruitful results. It brings about a sense of peace, abundance, and joy. This rune reminds us of the importance of divine timing, continuity, and balance in relationships. Jera symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things and emphasizes the significance of patience and perseverance. It encourages us to sow the seeds of our goals and wait patiently for them to come to fruition. Jera possesses an unstoppable energy that is slow but steady, not rushed but persistent. It helps us create a more balanced and fulfilling life by living in harmony with the natural cycles of existence. It inspires us to maintain faith in the process and trust that our efforts will be rewarded at the right time.


Height 5cm
Diameter 9cm
Weight 564g
Color Transparent
Material Crystal Glass
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