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Feng Shui is a very powerful art and science based on scientific foundations that has been practiced in China for more than three thousand years. It is the art of using arrangement and placement to improve your life by balancing the life energy called “Chi” by the Chinese, taking into consideration the thesis that “everything has an energy”, which is also believed by today’s scientists. It aims to bring happiness, health, wealth and success to your life.

Increasing the energy of your home and office has a direct and immediate impact on your own energy and life. By using Feng Shui, you can improve the life energy of your home and office, and in this way, you can greatly increase your own life energy.

Mystic Knot symbol; According to Feng Shui belief, it is one of the most auspicious symbols. This symbol, which is a six-fold combination of the infinity symbol, symbolizes a long, enjoyable and happy life.

It is generally used in Feng Shui practice for career, wealth and prosperity. It is also considered a powerful symbol of eternal love and is famous for bringing romantic good luck.

It is said that this auspicious symbol has an effect that improves the character traits that are desired to be changed. It is said to bring tranquility and sensitivity when requested; It is said that even just touching the symbol reduces your stress and provides mental clarity when you feel anxious and impatient. The same goes for the emotion of fear; It is said that touching this auspicious symbol when you are afraid will create a sense of stability and security. For these reasons it is recommended to always keep the symbol in an easily accessible place.

The mystical knot has also gained a reputation as a powerful symbol of love that will increase your relationship chances. In short, it is believed that the presence of this symbol in your life will benefit all your desires and goals.

The knot is twisted into a figure 8 shape, forming a loop back and forth, with no beginning or end. In China, “8” is a very lucky number because it is a term synonymous with the word “fortune”. Since we are currently in the 8th period (between 2002 and 2024), the mystical knot has become much stronger and more important energetically for this period we are in.

Below, we present for your information some applications recommended according to Feng Shui for placing your KISMETCE products bearing the mystical knot symbol:

⦁ Southeast Region – It is believed that placing the object bearing the Mystic Knot symbol in this region brings results in the form of fortune, wealth, luck and prosperity.
⦁ Southwest Region – It is believed that placing the object bearing the Mystic Knot symbol in this region will attract a new love in your life or nurture your eternal love with your partner.
⦁ Northern Area – It is believed that placing the object bearing the Mystic Knot symbol in this area fosters career rise and success for the 8th period we are in, which gives strength to this symbol.
⦁ Northeast Zone or Your Child’s Room – It is believed that placing the object bearing the Mystic Knot symbol in these areas stimulates success in education.

Height 11,5 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Weight 322g
Color White
Material Porcelain
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