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Immerse yourself in the lightness and joy with our porcelain elegant coffee cup. This cup, meticulously crafted by hand with the feather symbol using the gold sandblasting technique, is designed to bring tranquility and joy to your coffee ritual. Allow yourself to be embraced by the lightness and pure love with each sip using this unique piece.

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Each product is packaged by our expert team and delivered in KISMETCE's special red box tied with a red ribbon.

Feathers serve as powerful symbols, adorned with mystical beauty, representing spirituality and divine connection, reflecting the essence of higher awareness and spiritual evolution.

Feathers not only symbolize freedom and transcending boundaries but also the journey of enlightenment and spiritual growth. Filled with universal energy of harmony and peace, feathers create a tranquil sanctuary and embrace our spiritual awakening.

As messengers from celestial realms, feathers whisper messages of love and guidance from angels, our spiritual guides, and our departed loved ones who have transitioned into the light.

With their delicate presence, feathers gently remind us of love’s protective shield, narrating from the perspective of light that we are safe and our intentions are on the brink of realization.

Height Cup 7cm - Coaster 12 cm
Diameter Cup 6cm - Coaster 12 cm
Weight 179g
Color White
Material Porcelain
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